Find and export Australian wines.

With over 40 years experience in the Australian wine industry, our team of experts are ready to help you with your next Australian wine export.

40+ years experience.

Founded by father and son in the spring of 2015, Harland Wine Company is the product of more than four decades in the Australian wine industry, from harvesting the season's spoils by hand to commanding the country's most-esteemed wineries.

Find the right wine to sell in your market.

Grape-to-glass solution
Our grape-to-glass solutions offer a gateway into Australia's wine industry, placing our buyers at the forefront of the global wine market.
Export with confidence
We are experts in the wine export process and use our experience to bring the attention of detail required to deliver you a perfect end product.

What our team of experts take care of for you.

Harland Wine Co
Bottling Factory
Wine selection
Wine transport
Dry Goods + Packaging
Label Design + Printing
Logistics + shipping
Export documentation
Our services

Explore our services.

Bulk Wine
Purchase quality parcels of bulk Australian wine by the litre then export as bulk or bottle it under your label.
Grape Juice
Looking for non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice? We have produced this product for 10 years and can help.
OEM / Private Label Wine
We start by hand-selecting a bulk wine to suit your needs, then, bottle, label and deliver the fully packaged product under your own brand.