Non Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice

100% fresh.
No added sugar.
No artificial flavours.
No pasteurization.

All prices include:
Bulk Juice
Dry Goods
Container Packing
FOB Transport to Port
Export Documentation

Our grapes are sourced from vineyards across NSW and Victoria in South Eastern Australia which are in close proximity to Australia's famous and beautiful Murray River, widely known to be the life of Australia's food bowl.​

The natural creation of the river system millions of years ago in Australia has provided rich fertile soils from which our vineyards benefit.

​The climate in these regions provides hot summers with cold to mild winters, allowing ideal growing conditions each year, providing consistent quality and fantastic taste year after year.​

Grapes for our sparkling non alcoholic products are carefully selected from low yielding vineyards planted on soils which provide ideal levels of nutrients and water retention. The grapes are harvested at night as the cooler conditions help ensure that the fruit arrives in the winery in perfect condition.​

We destem then gently press the grapes before keeping the cold pressed juice fresh until bottling.

Our juice is not pastuerized, preserving the natural floral aromas and freshness of the product for you to enjoy.​

We take pride in the quality of our sparkling grape juice and make sure that the utmost care is taken during bottling to ensure the quality of such a delicate product. Starting with high quality grapes, then going through a careful winemaking process, we keep our fresh juice cool all year round and bottle it fresh to order for our customers. We then package, containerize and deliver to port ready for export.

The market for drinking grape juice has grown significantly over the last five years and we have the capability to provide consistent supply and quality. From very large contracts to one-off orders, we can help you bottle, brand and sell grape juice into any market around the world. 

Sparkling Dark Grape Juice
Exhibiting an intense, dark ruby red colour. Fruity, natural, refreshing and sweet on the palate. Delicate floral aromas with a fresh taste and lingering finish.
Bottled Fresh
Sparkling White Grape Juice
Golden and pale straw in colour. Highly refreshing with good balance, fruity flavour, fresh floral aromas and a sweet, lingering finish.
Bottled Fresh

Common Questions

What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity for Non Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice is 1 x 20' container.

In a full 20' container, there are 11,088 bottles on slipsheets.
Does your price include labels?
Our price does not include the cost of printing your labels, as this varies depending on volume, design, sizing, paper stock etc.

We can organise the printing of your labels, all we require from you is the final artwork design files.
What costs am I responsible for?
If you are ordering a 20' container, our price is FOB. This means our price includes everything except the cost of printing your labels, until your container is loaded onto the ship. You are responsible for:

- cost of sea freight to your desired port
- insurance (optional)
- any import duties, taxes or costs once your shipment arrives at your destination port.

We can book sea freight on your behalf.
What export documents do you provide?
This will depend on the final destination, but we'll provide everything you need. Typically, this includes:

- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- Certificate of Bottling Date
- Certificate of Analysis
- Bill of Lading
What are your payment terms?
We require 50% of the order paid upfront, with the remaining 50% balance paid once the product has been bottled, prior to despatch to port.
Can I taste samples?
Of course! Our first priority is making sure you are 100% happy with the juice.

Please contact us first to discuss your needs, then we can organise to send you samples.

We will pass on the cost of the juice and freight to you.
Do I need a wine export licence?
No. As this is a non-alcoholic grape juice (not wine) you do not need a licence to export.
What is your lead time?
From the time we receive cleared funds of the initial 50% payment, it is typically 4-5 weeks to bottling date, then 1 week to pack the container and load onto your ship, plus shipping times to your country of choice.
What do I need to put on my label?
There is mandatory information that must appear on your labels depending on the country and market you will be selling the wine in. We are happy to guide and assist you through this process.

For Non-Alcoholic Grape Juice, you would typically have a front, back and neck label as it is done in a sparkling bottle.
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