About Us

Our Story

Founded by father and son in the spring of 2015, Harland Wine Company is the product of more than four decades in the Australian wine industry, from harvesting the season's spoils by hand to commanding the country's most-esteemed wineries.
Our Team

A family business with over 40 years of wine experience.

Jim Kirkpatrick

Afforded with a love of wine more than forty years in the making,  James' enduring career in the Australian wine industry began between the vines, harvesting grapes by hand in Victoria's Riverland. Since then,  James has led the charge on behalf of the country's most esteemed wineries, including the likes of Lindemans, McWilliams, Penfolds and Wolf Blass.

Riley Kirkpatrick
Managing Director

Heir to his father's knowledge and passion, Riley has spent his lifetime in the Australian wine industry, growing up amidst the vines in the Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills. From young apprentice to seasoned partner, Riley's intuitive understanding of the global wine market and extensive experience in business form the cornerstone of Harland Wine Company.

What makes us different?

Our Mission

To share high quality Australian wine with the world.

We believe Australia consistently produces some of the best wines anywhere in the world and are passionate about sharing these around the globe.


We are our word
Integrity in everything we do
Never stop learning
Everybody wins

How we work together

We strive to build long term partnerships with our customers and enjoy working together over a number of years.

Importantly, we provide wines with consistent quality and quantity so as our clients grow, we can scale to meet their needs.